We offer a wide range of land regeneration services for conservation organisations and farmers.

A Holistic Approach

Working closely with the Savory Institute to deliver our projects using the holistic management framework.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to food and farming systems that regenerates topsoil and increases biodiversity now and long into the future. We can help...

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Ecological Restoration – Wilderculture

Ecological Restoration – Wilderculture

Using innovative regenerative techniques to restore natural habitats and accelerate natural succession. Wilderculture is a landscape level approach to land management...

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Take a look at what we're up to on the ground.

The Wildervore Approach is a sustainable eating program designed to encourage consumers to make food choices that benefit our environment. It encourages people to reconnect with their food and landscape. We use the holistic framework to help individuals rebuild their health while assessing the potential impact of their eating habits on ecosystem health.

We are working with John and Maria to implement holistic planned grazing on some of their in-bye land. We hope to build soil fertility, reduce input costs, boost animal health and improve the flood resilience of the lake side land.

We are working with the RSPB to conduct trials on several techniques for innovative ecological restoration. Through soil microbiological remediation and stimulation of ecosystem processes we hope to demonstrate that we can get faster tree growth and quicker natural succession than manually planting trees.

We are working with Dr Alexandra Tomlinson MA Vet MB MSc PhD MRCVS European Veterinary Specialist in Wildlife Population Health to trial and study applying the principles of wildlife health to livestock systems. We have introduced a herd of cattle to a rewilded landscape and are monitoring their behaviour, diet and health.

We’re looking at ways the Island can improve its biodiversity and better mimic the missing ecological tier of predated wild herbivores. The Isle of Carna is a pilot site for Wilderculture and we are trialling several innovative techniques to accelerate natural succession to wood pasture and North Atlantic oak woodland. We hope to create a profitable, socially integrated environmental model for West Coast Scottish crofting.

We are working with the Maasai tribe in Kenya to train key community members in holistic management and regenerative pastoral grazing techniques to rebuild soil and restore degrading land to healthy grassland. By tackling the root cause of desertifcation we also address the cause of poverty, starvation and even war.

  • The Wildervore Approach
  • Nibthwaite Grange Farm
  • Haweswater Trials
  • Animal Health Trials
  • Isle of Carna
  • Maasai Centre For Regenerative Pastoralism

Meet The Team

We have a UK based team with colleagues worldwide.

Alexandra Tomlinson MA Vet MB MSc PhD Dip ECZM (Wildlife Population Health) MRCVS

Alexandra Tomlinson MA Vet MB MSc PhD Dip ECZM (Wildlife Population Health) MRCVS

  • Holistic Management 100%
  • Wildlife Population Health 40%
  • Livestock Health Planning 40%
  • Academic Project Development 20%
Caroline Grindrod

Caroline Grindrod


  • Accredited Professional Holistic Management 100%
  • Wilderculture 25%
  • Regenerative Agriculture 25%
  • Human, Livestock, Soil Health 50%
Renald Flores

Renald Flores

Consultant/Project Development

  • Holistic Management 100%
  • Soil Microbiological Remediation 40%
  • Change Management 30%
  • Regenerative Agriculture/ Livestock Management 30%
Georgia Wingfield-Hayes

Georgia Wingfield-Hayes

Woodland Consultant

  • Woodland Regeneration and Restoration 40%
  • Environmental Biology 30%
  • Regenerative Farming 15%
  • Natural Livestock and Human Health 15%