Our Services

Free Consultation – 1 Hour

If you’re just not sure if a regenerative approach would suit your holding or help your bottom line then this free consultation will help? We can have either a telephone conversation or a short visit (depending on your location) and have an informal – and free – chat about how we may be able to help you get better results. Please email on info@rootsofnature.co.uk to arrange a good time. (Additional phone consultation rate £15 an hour)

Farm Health Check – 1 day

£145 plus travel expenses and VAT.

This is a one-day assessment where we take a walk on your land and talk about the potential for improving productivity, profitability, land and animal health. It’s a great way to get introduced to the main concepts of regenerative/holistic land management.

We’ll also take a high-level look at your enterprise and run a few scenarios to test how different management options may better serve you and your business.

The price includes two hours basic training and a written report for your reference. If you later progress to a longer term commitment we will refund you the cost of this health check.

Please email me on info@rootsofnature.co.uk to arrange a good time.

Whole Enterprise Planning

This is where as we work together to work through one or all of the elements of the framework of holistic management. All clients will be given access to the ‘roots portal’ a private area of the website where your reports and learning documents are shared and we can discuss decisions etc.

Sessions will typically be broken down into the following depending on the size and complexity of your operation:

  • Holistic Context Day – A worksheet is sent in advance to collect information and prepare. We then discuss and gather information to form your ‘holistic context’ or goal; your aims and desires for the holding and your lifestyle within it now and into the future.  You’ll learn the basics of making your decisions ‘within context’ and receive guidance notes and documents to help.
  • Holistic Financial Planning – 2 to 3 days. We start with a brainstorming session and analysis of your current enterprises and check them against your context. We’ll consider which enterprises best cover your overheads whilst spreading your risk and look at your enterprise ‘log jams’, adverse factors and identify your operations weak links. We will plan your required profit and then categorise and allocate your expenses based on addressing the identified issues. We will plan your cash flow and consider the best application of profits then bring the whole plan together in a useful document that you’ll update as the year unfolds.
  • Holistic Planned Grazing – 1-5 days. You will be given some ‘pre-planning’ homework which involves gathering information together for our session. We’ll  consider how many grazing units and ‘herds’ you wish to create and estimate your potential stocking rate. We’ll estimate your forage availability and look at other factors such as hay making, seasonal livestock management issues, subsidy/grant management prescriptions, poisonous plants, breeding birds, wildflower seeding and forage requirements of wildlife etc. We’ll complete your grazing chart with the focus on optimising recovery and grazing periods to maximise production and land health; maintaining and increasing the plain of nutrition as required; and minimising the potential for disease or illness of livestock, all within the overall scope of your holistic context.
  • Holistic Land Planning – 1-5 days. Usually, this part of the process comes after you have gained experience of managing holistically and you have a good understanding of the potential for your holding.
  • Ecological Monitoring – 1-5 days. We can help you with or undertake the basic or comprehensive ecological monitoring that is required to plot your progress and give early warning of things not going to plan.

Holistic manager UK

Depending on location we can work either part remotely or onsite with you. It can be a block of time or spread over weeks and years depending on our involvement, your location and the size and complexity of your operation. Our day rate is approximately £145.

Feel free to contact me so we can work out what will be the best-tailored solution for you and I give you an estimate.

Writing Services

I love to write. You can see a collection of my blog posts, essays and articles on the blog.

I only write about subjects that I’m passionate about and feel qualified to cover. Happily, my interests and passions are wide-reaching; just ping me a topic and I’ll let you know if I have a suitable angle.Holistic manager UK

All my writing is backed up and referenced with either embedded links or more formally using the APA referencing style.

I am skilled in optimising content for SEO so can work with you to create a well researched, compelling piece that will also help drive relevant traffic to your site.