Values, Leadership and Change

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Values, Leadership and Change

Spiral Dynamics and the Lineage within which it sits:

In 1978, Professor Clare W. Graves announced his model of how an individual interacts and changes in response to changes in a psycho-social DNA-like fashion. The Graves Technology is recognised as the foundational research for bodies of knowledge today known as Epigenetics, and Integral Psychology. He developed his theory based upon 36 years of longitudinal research, including over 20 years of field trials and application. He named his theory, “the emergent, cyclical, double-helix model of adult bio-psycho-social systems development.”

In 1996 the work was popularised as Spiral Dynamics by Dr. Don Beck and Chris Cowan, who were supporter and mentees of Graves. In 1998, Spiral Dynamics Integral emerged as a marriage of the work of Graves, Beck, Cowan and Ken Wilber.

From 1998, following extensive training and mentored project work with Don Beck and Chris Cowan, Christopher Cooke committed himself to the focused application and further research of this body of knowledge in alignment with Dr. Don Beck. 5 Deep was established in 2001 as the research-based organisation to carry out this work. This included the development a web based personal and cultural research instrument delivery system with permission and support from Dr. Don Beck and co-leadership with Dr John Cook. This system known as 5 Deep Vital Signs.

Between 2009 and 2012 the learning since 1998 was consolidated and Solonics was created as The Art Science and Practice of Values, Leadership and Change. In 2017 The Quantum LEAP framework was completed and now forms the basis of the consultancy and advisory services that Christopher leads.
Today this work, which is fundamentally about Values, Leadership and Change, is offered through 5 Deep and 3LM which are living demonstrations based in the UK. 5 Deep advises the advisors internationally and provides custom designed services for all forms of organisations – The 5 Deep maxim being: Lead or Be Led. 3LM, which is led by Christopher’s wife Sheila Cooke, focuses on the large-scale application of Values, Leadership and Change in Agriculture where the achievement of regenerative grasslands is the current focus. – The 3LM maxim is Choose Life, You Lead.

We work closely with Sheila and Christopher Cooke when developing projects. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about this approach or to discuss their training and consultancy options.


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