Regenerative Supply Chains

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Regenerative Supply Chains

We use the holistic management framework to help companies or farming individuals develop regenerative supply chains that increase their profitability and resilience whilst simultaneously rebuilding the planets natural capital.

We have expertise in every link in the supply chain from regenerative land management through to a deep understanding of the health and ethical needs and concerns of the citizens buying your products.

Many land-based businesses are becoming interested in selling their products or services to improve profitability and maintain control over every step from ‘farm to fork.’  This requires small farmers to become experts in operations, marketing and sales which can lead to a ‘burnout’ and separation from your true passions.

Large corporations too are looking at the future with increased apprehension. In the face of the inevitable disruption and increased input costs caused by climate change, market forces and an increasing negative rhetoric around animal agriculture, it’s more important that ever to become part of the solution by adopting a supply chain that regenerates ecosystems and reduces its reliance on fossil fuels.

We take a unique approach, and can help you manage all the links of the supply chain to strengthen and streamline your production pathways. By remaining specialised to the industry niche of regenerative agriculture we can be highly efficient and effective. We can help to achieve the necessary shift in thinking required by both management and farmers to successfully adopt regenerative practices, as well as support and advise on the many practical ways this positive approach can be integrated at scale.

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