Alexandra Tomlinson MA Vet MB MSc PhD Dip ECZM (Wildlife Population Health) MRCVS
  • Holistic Management 100%
  • Wildlife Population Health 40%
  • Livestock Health Planning 40%
  • Academic Project Development 20%

Alexandra Tomlinson MA Vet MB MSc PhD Dip ECZM (Wildlife Population Health) MRCVS

Alex is a vet who’s worked in general practice, academia, and wildlife disease ecology research. As Alex has followed her career path she has become more and more amazed by nature’s resilience – despite our best efforts, as humans, to use and abuse it.

Over the last few years Alex has become increasingly interested in the role of land management in affecting the health of our entire ecosystem. Alex’s particular interest and expertise lies in understanding the differences between the diseases and infections we see in truly wild animal populations, and those we see in our domesticated and captive species, and especially the complex relationships between disease, land management and human interventions.

Alex is exploring the opportunity for reducing the need for medical intervention and nutritional supplementation in livestock that are managed in ways that mimic wild animal populations, and is investigating valid ways of measuring outcomes of this approach.

Alex is also interested in how many of these principles of livestock and land management could be applied to ourselves to improve our own human health and life experience. Ultimately we too are an animal species that has been taken out of its natural environment and it is little wonder that we struggle to evolve and adapt quickly enough to thrive.

Caroline Grindrod
  • Accredited Professional Holistic Management 100%
  • Wilderculture 25%
  • Regenerative Agriculture 25%
  • Human, Livestock, Soil Health 50%

Caroline Grindrod


Caroline is an accredited professional educator in Holistic Management with the Savory Institute and combines her skills in regenerative agriculture and environmental conservation with a cocktail of experience in running diversified upland farm businesses. Her speciality is helping land based businesses and organisations move from a model of ‘conserving or sustaining’ to ‘regenerating and thriving’ in all three aspects of the triple bottom line; economic, social and ecological.

Caroline has developed, and offers training in, an application of holistic management for the uplands of the UK called Wilderculture. Wilderculture is a hybrid of rewilding and regenerative grazing that is well suited to help regenerate the extensive, saturated, steep and more acidic nature of the Northern UK uplands.

Caroline has a deep understanding of how human and livestock health is tied to soil health and why all three can be improved by mimicking natural systems and has developed an approach to eating that supports the regeneration of the planet called the Wildervore Approach.

Caroline is also a specialist in helping food companies to develop supply chains that regenerate rather than degrade ecosystems whilst improving livestock health and producer well-being. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels and addressing the root cause of a dependence on expensive inputs, farms – and the companies that they supply – can become truly sustainable and resilient to the turbulent future ahead.


Renald Flores
  • Holistic Management 100%
  • Soil Microbiological Remediation 40%
  • Change Management 30%
  • Regenerative Agriculture/ Livestock Management 30%

Renald Flores

Consultant/Project Development

Renald is a global professional consultant in Permaculture Design, Keyline Design, Holistic Management (Savory Institute,) and Soil Microbiology (Dr Elaine Ingham network) & Human change.

Renald’s main drive:

– Offering consistent & holistic regenerative agriculture solutions.

– Provide Capacity Development for any communities.

– Develop and implement frameworks integrating Finance, environment & social dynamics for decision making

– Produce Communication solutions.

Renald’s vision for the future:

– Contribute to Human communities stability through spreading regenerative agriculture practices & peace building.

Most recent work done: Soil microbiological regeneration program for market Gardeners, Holistic Decision making Facilitation, Pasture monitoring, Holistic Planned grazing.