Ecological Restoration – Wilderculture

Using innovative regenerative techniques to restore natural habitats and accelerate natural succession.

Wilderculture is a landscape level approach to land management to create a mosaic of habitats that best suits the topography, geology and current climate.

Particularly geared to upland management, Wilderculture seamlessly blends the objectives of conservation organisations, farmers and sporting estates to create a completely new style of land, livestock and people management.

Rather than fighting natural succession and micro managing habitats to favour one or two species – be It native flora and fauna, favoured livestock, or a game species – we take natures lead, allowing habitats to unfold.

Using a range of regenerative land management techniques, we optimise land performance by mimicking or reintroducing the key players in the food web. We understand that to work with an environment for social, economic and ecological gain we need to maximise all the ecosystem processes.

By increasing the ecological “bank account” we can sustainably earn more biological ‘interest’ from our land in the form of food, timber and natural capital than if we conventionally manage the land.

Using the principles of Holistic Management developed by Allan Savory, we can make better decisions and handle the complexity of working with natural systems.

Wilderculture includes an understanding of how wildlife population health, holistic planned grazing and low stress handling methods can be applied to domestic livestock and sporting game to produce nutritious food within a wilder context.

Wilderculture considers our cultural heritage and encourages the revitalising and repurposing of traditional skills, buildings and community to create truly living landscapes. We show how the principles of wildlife health can be applied to humans and livestock to enhance wellbeing and potentially alleviate many of the issues of modern life.